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Planning Ahead

Thick_ Planning Ahead

In Paula Deen, I talked about planning ahead (after I ranted about idiots and their logic or lack there of), and decided to do a post about it.

I try to plan my meals a week or two in advance. Even if I only buy food for one week, I already know what I plan to get the week after. It keeps me from eating out too much and from making bad food choices. Also, I’ve had the chance to try a lot of really good foods!

Lately, I’ve been using Pinterest a lot but especially for food planning. I think the running joke is……

Funny Confession Ecard: Pinterest: Recipes making me fat, workouts I never do, a dream home I can't afford. While crying because I haven't swam with dolphins.

It’s kind of true……for most people.

 But not for me! I made way before I created this blog. I didn’t use it much in the beginning for food planning because I had a food board. After a while I realized I couldn’t figure out the healthy from unhealthy meals (in some cases) so I started pinning healthy meals there. I also post workouts, fit women, inspiration, and food info there.

Each week, I go through both it,  my email, various blogs, and a bunch of recipes I pulled from Fitness Magazine before I started pinning and keeping them in one place online *side eyes myself* and I chose my meals for the week or weeks ahead. Below I’ve outlined the next 2 weeks. I’ll probably change one meal because I’m not in the mood for it like I was at the beginning of the week when I made the list. LOL! After I have my menu decided, I look at each recipe and make a grocery list of the things I don’t have.

Also, please note that even though these are the recipes I used, I generally change them up a little. There will………be posts………on those……………………eventually *sides eyes myself again*

Menu (Click on food to visit the site)



  • Blueberries and Pineapples with Plain Yogurt
  • Super Trail Mix (this is also my pre workout snack)

Meal 1

Meal 2

Meal 3

You know what! Today is the day! I’m going to start trying up my versions of these recipes! *slams fist on desk……..cries* lol!

Serving wise, I usually buy enough smoothie ingredients for 2 weeks’ worth. The fruit snack is about 1 week’s worth if I buy a pineapple and a few containers of blueberries. I’ve never made the Trail Mix, so we will find out! I’m hoping it yield’s at least 2 week’s worth of snacks. For my 3 “big” meals, all 3 recipes will make about 4 servings which is 12 meals. “You’re 2 meals short!” Well, actually I’ll stay late and eat at work or I’ll have some of the catered lunch (we have screenings and they bring food…..sometimes healthy, sometimes not).

That’s how I plan ahead! How about you?

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