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Oh Protein! I’ve been making smoothies each morning for dinner. The past few weeks, I had been eating them with eggs…specifically Body Rock Deviled Eggs (the actual recipe is wrong). I am usually running out the house in the morning so I take my breakfast with me. The problem with this is that I drink the smoothie and sometimes I’m done by the time I get to work. And then I would forget to eat the egg LOL! So I decided to just get protein powder. I ended up getting Whole Foods Soy Protein Powder (Vegetarian).

I can’t get the photo to turn the right way. I’m not sure what’s going on!

I had a coupon for Garden of Life Raw Vegan Protein but that was WAY too much. I’m too cheap for that life! This one was $9.99 with 16 servings. I got the smaller one because I didn’t want to get it and not like it or something about it not work well with my body. So far so good! I’ve made 3 smoothies with it!

Something I learned while looking into protein powder……I didn’t know Whey Protein came from animals! I’ve written about doing vegetarian meals sometimes before and since I had already been having non meat breakfasts, I wanted to keep it up. Imagine my surprise when I learned that some whey protein comes from animals. I had no idea! So I thought, “Oh well maybe I should get the Raw Vegan Protein.” Until I got to Whole Foods and saw it was $40 ($35 with the coupon). Oh…………..I see…………………they got me 729 kinds of messed up!

So I’m picking up all the OTHER protein powders, both whey and soy. “Wait! Is that one of the key differences? That Soy is soy and whey is animal????????” One of the why protein powders specifically said, “Derived from grass-fed cows.” “Well that’s nice if I was buying beef but I’m buying protein for a smoothie! What?!?!?!?!?!??? Let me get the soy.” And then I noticed that there are multiple types of soy, specifically in this container. One is vegetarian the other has in it spirulina. So there is also something meat like in soy protein?????????? WHEN WERE Y’ALL GOING TO TELL ME ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know why that weirds me out but it does. Like I said, I have no plans to go totally vegetarian but that caught me ALL THE WAY off guard. I guess I didn’t really consider where the protein comes from.

Maybe I’m just insane lol!

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  1. Roy Harbin

    Whey is a milk product.I’m surprised you aren’t aware of that.(Little Miss Muffet ate her curds and whey until a spider ran her away.)
    Soy on the other hand,,is definitely all vegetable.And it has slew of supposed benefits that I have found aren’t worth it’s downside.
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