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Revised TFH Combo Circuit Training #3

FINE_ Revised TFH Combo Circuit Training 3

About a month ago, I posted my most recent strength routine. I quickly realized I needed to change it for several reasons:

  • The order was off. I ended up way too tired by the time I go to the last move of the circuit.
  • I was overworking my shoulders and arms. Between the new moves and the order, I was almost unable to finish. I had to take long breaks because I was either in pain or way too winded. I HATE YOU ASTHMA! *throws inhaler………goes to retrieve it*
  • There was another but I don’t remember what it was…… O_O

So below you’ll see the new, NEW strength routine (with video):

Combo Circuit Training #3b Perform each move for 1 minute (or 1 minute on each side).

Weighted Twist (abs, obliques, butt, legs) One 7.5-pound weight

Strap Happy Shaper (shoulders, upper and middle back, abs)

Weighted Lunges (butt, thighs, legs) Two 7.5-pound weights

Side Bend Shoulder Press (abs, shoulders, obliques) One 7.5-pound weight

Curtsy Punch (abs, arms, shoulders, obliques, butt, legs) One 7.5-pound weight

Split-Squat Curls (abs, obliques, butt, legs) One 7.5-pound weight

Knee Jacks (abs, shoulders, obliques, legs) One 7.5-pound weight

Outer and Inner Thigh Kick Stretch (Outer and inner thigh)

Squat Push-Press (legs, butt, arms, shoulders, obliques) One 7.5-pound weights

A few things I’d like to point out:

  1. Each move is performed for 1 minute with a 15 second break between each set.
  2. There are 3 full circuits which comes to 42 minutes every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
  3. Any exercise that is performed on each side is done for 2 minutes.
  4. The new workout still pays close attention to my lower body while adding more work for my upper body.

When I made the move changes, I was able to complete the entire workout without feeling like I was dying while still getting a more challenging workout than the previous.

Side bar: Speaking of “more challenging”. Since I’ve added the “curtsy punch” I’ve noticed that I struggle with extending both arms. For instance, when I’m punching to the right, I cannot fully extend my right arm. Last week I made a point to work harder to extend both arms. I was going hard in the paint! I was like, “GET LIKE ME! I’M IN THIS THANG!”


By the time I got to the third circuit, just before the “curtsy punch” I started getting winded. So much so that I had to stop my HIIT timer and sit down on my mat! My chest was like, “WHY LAWDDDDD! HELP! MEDIC! INHALER! JESUS! EVERYBODY! NAW! NAWWWWWWWWWWWW!” I went from, “GET LIKE ME!” to “HELP ME!” in about 30 minutes! Do you know I had to sit there for TEN MINUTES until my heart stopped beating out of my chest??????? I was so hurt! I felt like I got punked by myself!

Needless to say, I stopped trying to go THAT hard in the paint. I won’t say I’m purposely slacking off, I’m just focusing on one arm at a time since I have to do each side for 1 minute. I can work one arm harder without dying than I can when I try to work both arms at once.

*Again, I am not a registered trainer. I’m just a girl with a Fitness Magazine subscription :D

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