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Something New November

TFH_ Something New November

Every month, I like to try a few new things be it new foods, cooking methods, exercises, etc. This month is no different.

  • Meat Twice a Week: I should make it clear that I’m referring to meat excluding seafood. After trying out a pescetarian diet in August, I learned that a lot of meat including chicken (WHY JESUS WHY) were the cause of my stomach bloating. In August, I didn’t get bloated at all. NOT. ONCE. Keep in mind I thought I was lactose intolerant. I had cheese on cheese on cheese that month. I’m just meat intolerant…..wait? I had been having meat 4 times a week. Sometimes I stuck with it, other times I had more. Regardless of the amount, I learned I need smaller servings, less often. BUT I LOVE MEAT! WHY LAWD! *sobs* I think twice a week will allow me to enjoy meat without missing it…and without causing anymore bloating. *sniffles*
  • Nightly Juicing: Yes, I have joined the juicing train! I even bought a juicer. Honestly I planned to make mini smoothies. I won’t go into much detail here now, I’ll leave that for another day! Anywho, I made my first juice ever on Wednesday. I loved it! I can’t wait to finally use my Raw Raw Life juicing app for juicing (as opposed to smoothie making)!
  • Beets: In August and September, I used beets in my smoothies regularly. Halfway through October, I stopped buying them because I was getting TOO MUCH fiber. This month, I’ve added them back. I’m just going to be more careful about the amounts I use so I don’t run into the same issue.
  • Cayenne Pepper Pills: I lied. This is not new but in October I smooth forgot about them. Cayenne pepper pills basically warm up your body’s systems to get them working. It’s a great digestive aid. You can take one pill three times a day (with each meal) or take all three at night. I prefer taking them all at night because they upset my stomach during the day. For some reason that doesn’t happen at night. I’ll be taking them with my juice!
  • Hot Chocolate: Mmmmmmmmmmm! I love hot chocolate! I love my smoothies too but drinking a cold smoothie on a cold morning? NAW! Enter my Protein Hot Chocolate recipe. It took some trial and error but yes! I GOT HOT CHOCOLATE OWN DECK! And it’s healthy 🙂
  • Strength Training Three Times a Week: That’s right! Tuesdays, Thursdays, AND Saturdays. I figured adding another day would help me as I get smaller since I’m sure things will begin to slow down at some point soon.
  • No More Scheduled Off Days: After deciding to add a third day of strength training, I made another change. I’ve been wanting to work out 6 days a week but sometimes I don’t even make it to five. Rather than having scheduled off days, I just go to the gym everyday that I can. I’d say this was a great idea! I end up going 5-7 days in a row. It actually makes it easier because I’m not focusing on a 7 day week, I’m just going. Planning to go everyday makes it feel the same as going to work. It’s just something you do. And when I get there, I know Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday means strength training. Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday means cardio.

There you have it. Something New November has been great so far. I look forward to fully integrating everything into my daily routine. Also, I’ve been working on a list of changes I’d like to incorporate when I reach my midpoint weight goal (163.5 pounds). I’ll be there soon so I should probably finish it very soon *runs away to write list* 🙂

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