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TFH Combo Circuit Training #2

FINE_ TFH Combo Circuit Training 2

You: Girl, didn’t you JUST post a workout change??? Me: Yes. You: Wait. Me: Let me explain!

Remember when I said I forgot to upload #1b? Yeah, so after about a week of that, I still notice my abs weren’t being worked enough. The arms however feel great! And by great, I mean sore after working out! And from my photos, you all know I need as much as help as possible.

Today, I was (finally) working on organizing my art room when I came across a few old Fitness Magazines and workouts I had pulled out. That’s when I came across one of the Express Workouts (Fast Belly Blast from the March 2011 issue). These are always 5 moves that “target” one problem area. They don’t really target one are but that is the dominate spot that is being worked. As I was looking over the moves, I realized I was doing 3 of the 5 moves on this page! How did that happen? I have no idea! Those moves are: Side-Bend Shoulder Press, Weighted Twists, and Knee Jacks.

Well look at God! I needed to add ab moves and here they are! Below is the new, NEW strength routine. And yes, I will keep changing it until I get it right 🙂

Combo Circuit Training #2
Perform each move for 1 minute.
Weighted Twist (abs, obliques, butt, legs)
One 5-pound weight
Give me a Y! Give me a T! (shoulders, abs, butt, legs, upper back)
Two 2 or 3-pound weights
Bridge Press Plus (chest, arms, abs, butt)
Two 2 or 3-pound weights
Weighted Lunges (butt, thighs, legs)
Two 5-pound weights
Side Bend Shoulder Press (abs, shoulders, obliques)
One 5-pound weight
Curtsy Punch (abs, arms, shoulders, obliques, butt, legs)
5-pound weight

Split-Squat Curls (abs, obliques, butt, legs)
5-pound weight
Knee Jacks (abs, shoulders, obliques, legs)
One 5-pound weight
Squat Push-Press (legs, butt, arms, shoulders, obliques)
Two 2 or 3-pound weights

I will still perform each move for 1 minute with 15 second breaks between sets. I will also still do 3 full circuits which is about 42 minutes every Tuesday and Thursday.
That’s 5 minutes longer! Yep! I replaced one move and added another. Both moves need to be done on both sides, which added about 3 minutes. Plus extra 15 second breaks! The order will probably change and I’ll figure that out later and update if I need to 🙂
This new workout makes 9 different moves with 4 being performed for 2 minutes to accommodate each side! MIGHT DON’T MAKE IT! Lol! Okay, I’m joking…..a little.
As you can see, every move works my thighs, legs and/or butt. That’s not an accident. My legs and butt are my thickest areas. They’re also riddled with cellulite and a lack of toning. I need to work on that as much as possible. So far, it hasn’t been an issue as far as being too sore to move or anything. You’ll also notice that 6 of the 9 work my arms, back, shoulders, or chest. This is also not an accident. I always used to neglect my arms. Well why? I’m strong but I can be much stronger. Also, I’m sick of flabby arms and back fat! And last, 7 moves work my abs and/obliques! Let’s hope 7 is my magic number and that I feel and see real progress here. I NEEDDDDDD to feel the burn!

Once again, I’m not a registered trainer. I’m just a girl with a renewed Fitness Magazine subscription :D

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