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TFH Combo Circuit Training #3

FINE_ TFH Combo Circuit Training 3

*waves* HEY! HEY THERE! HEY! I’m back! I know I haven’t posted much lately. I’ve been super busy at work so when I had down time, I enjoyed it (meaning I did nothing)!

Now down to business! For about a month, I have wanted to change two exercises in my strength training. Just to recap, this is my former routine (keep in mind that in August I began using 5 and 7.5-pound weights).

“Give me a Y! Give me a T!” is great if you perform it correctly. Unfortunately, it’s too easy to do incorrectly. I tend to stand up without realizing it and I don’t fully do the T. Also, I was only doing the T, not the Y. It just didn’t seem to be working well. For a few weeks, I was doing the squat Push-Press with one weight in place of two. That really just gave me extra squats.

Bridge Press Plus is another great move if performed correctly. I actually am pretty good at performing this move. The problem is more about flow. If you’ll notice in the previous routine it’s the only move that is on the floor. It slows me down to get in and out of it forcing me to rush between sets.

I finally sat my behind down and looked for two exercises to replace those! I decided I wanted one that worked my inner and outer thighs and another that worked my back and arms. I chose those areas based on the progress of those areas as compared to others.

My thighs….THESE THIGHS! I noticed that I have greatly reduced cellulite! LOOK. AT. GOD. I started poking my thighs (don’t judge me) and they are hard! YES LAWD! Hard everywhere except my inner thighs that is. As for the outer thighs, they’re less hard than the front and back.

My arms and back. *sighs* My arms take forever and 800 years to improve. Although they are significantly smaller, they have a long way to go. As for my back, all my lower back fat is pretty much gone. My upper and middle back fat have been greatly reduced but not as much. There is still plenty to get rid of. After figuring all of THAT out, I realized I also would need to change the order of my workout. So, what you see below represents my new strength workout with the new order as well as those two new exercises.

Combo Circuit Training #3 Perform each move for 1 minute.

Weighted Twist (abs, obliques, butt, legs) One 7.5-pound weight

Strap Happy Shaper (shoulders, upper and middle back, abs)

Weighted Lunges (butt, thighs, legs) Two 7.5-pound weights

Side Bend Shoulder Press (abs, shoulders, obliques) One 7.5-pound weight

Curtsy Punch (abs, arms, shoulders, obliques, butt, legs) One 7.5-pound weight

Split-Squat Curls (abs, obliques, butt, legs) One 7.5-pound weight

Outer and Inner Thigh Kick Stretch (Outer and inner thigh)

Knee Jacks (abs, shoulders, obliques, legs) One 5-pound weight

Squat Push-Press (legs, butt, arms, shoulders, obliques) Two 5-pound weights

Each move is still performed for 1 minute with a 15 second break between each set. There are still 3 full circuits which comes to 42 minutes every Tuesday and Thursday (not counting time I may take for a little extra breathe). Also, any exercise that is performed on each side is done separately making it 2 minutes for that one. The new workout still pays close attention to my lower body while adding more work for my upper body. I’m excited about my new workout and I hope it proves to be a good change.

Again, I am not a registered trainer. I’m just a girl with a Fitness Magazine subscription 😀


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