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TFH Full Workout #1

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Now that I’ve figured out (most) of my workout and my schedule, I thought I should post my current plan. I worked my way up to 5 days a week and I plan to stick with it. One major change I’ll be making this week affects my strength days (2 days a week). I was like “Oh I’m going to do 30minutes of cardio and then 30 minutes of strength. DOPE BOYS LET’S GET GET GET ITTTTTTTT!” I’m not a dope girl….I just like saying it *flips hair*I took parts of old workout from Fitness Magazine and mix and matched them. I do that whenever I can’t do the full workout. How? I look at what body parts each move works and I look at what I consider my problem areas. From there I find moves that match the ones I’m replacing. That way I’m not overworking or forgetting anything.

So Tuesday I did about 30minutes on the treadmill and made it through 2 circuits (in 30minutes) and had to go to work. But it was a start. Thursday……oh Thursday. This was the day I also remembered why I don’t like bikes. The lower stationary bike felt weird to me. It was either too close or too far and I couldn’t get in between. The higher bike has a tiny seat which was not at all comfortable. After 10 minutes I switched back. Between that and trying to adjust the bikes, I spent an hour on the bikes. No high heart rate or anything 🙁

THEN I went to do my strength training. It was going much better, I was working it! About halfway through the second circuit, I suddenly got really hot and woozy (yes I did eat and was hydrated). At this point I was more like, “MIGHT. DON’T. MAKE IT.” Anddddd I went home before I died at the gym. I have a fear of strangers calling 911 and me having to pay for an ambulance when all I needed was some juice and cookie. I managed to create a strength routine that functioned as cardio too! Nice!

So here’s my modified workout plan to prevent any more potential fainting. If you’ve never fainted, lucky you. If you have, you know it sucks. I’m NOT a registered anything related to fitness. Despite being large, I do know a lot about what works…….I just don’t always stick with it 🙂

Elliptical Two and Ones
3 minute warm up.
9 sets of two minutes fast pace, 1 minute moderate pace.
2 minute cool down.
Additional 15-20 minutes walking on treadmill if time allows.

Combo Circuit Training
Perform each move for 1 minute.
Ball Crunches (abs, core)
Large stability ball
Give me a Y! Give me a T! (shoulders, abs, butt, legs, upper back)
Two 2 or 3-pound weights
Bridge Press Plus (chest, arms, abs, butt)
Two 2 or 3-pound weights
Weighted Lunges (butt, thighs, legs)
Two 5-pound weights
Side Bend Shoulder Press (abs, shoulders, obliques)
One 5-pound weight
Dead Bug with Ball* (abs)
Large stability ball
Knee Jacks (abs, shoulders, obliques, legs)
One 5-pound weight
Overhead Squat with Ball (shoulders, arms, back, quads)
Small stability ball

In all, the circuit takes about 10minutes per set not counting the 15 second breaks. I also give myself 20 seconds in between each move to get ready for the next since I getting up off the floor or using different equipment. I plan to do 3 full circuits so that’s a little over 30minutes. I’m bad at math, don’t make me figure it out! PLEASE DON’T! *sobs*Okay, I broke down and did the math. It’s 37 minutes all together lol!

Note 1: With the Dead Bug with Ball, I do 10 reps on each side during the 1 minute.
Note 2: With the Side Bend Shoulder Press and Knee Jacks, I do 1 minute on each side. It’s a lot of work but using my timer, I can’t adjust for 30seconds intervals in the middle of 1 minute intervals.
Note 3: With the Weighted Lunges, unlike the video, I walk with them instead of staying in one spot. It makes it feel like it’s going faster to me!Again, I’m not a registered trainer. I’m just a girl with a (now expired) Fitness Magazine subscription 🙂

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