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The Beginning Part 3 (Goals)

TFH_ The Beginning Part 3

Part 1: What jump started me?
Part 2: What am I going to do?
Part 3: What are my goals?

Obviously all this planning and preparation has to lead somewhere! But where????? I named this blog “Thick. Fine. Healthy.” because that’s what I want to be. I’m pretty curvy and I love it but I want to have a little less of it…..especially in the places it shouldn’t be like my arms, stomach, and back. My target weight is 135. In 2008, I made it down to before was 144. There are some things I’m doing differently this time. In 2006, I ate pretty good for 3 months before starting to workout. I ended up losing some of my curves because I wasn’t doing any toning. I don’t want that to happen again. I felt like a boy. Even though I still had more thighs and hips and booty than a lot of women, for ME I was flat. Also my breasts go down pretty quickly. All this weight gain has put me in a C cup….A C-CUP! Excuse me while I go shimmy for a while! Just kidding…..a little…….don’t judge me, this must be how women who get implants feel! Anyway, I plan to do a good amount of total body toning. Maybe I’ll even keep my boobs this time! *prays Jesus lets me keep my “new” boobage* 😛

When I started making my list, I realized I have a lot of goals. They range in specificity and some are vain/superficial, others are more health related or a way to keep pushing myself. So I broke them into categories.

Overall Goals

  • Target weight of 135 (I’m 5’1” btw)
  • Toned butt, thighs, arms, and back
  • Flat and toned stomach
  • Less weight on my knees
  • Less winded when walking up a lot of stairs

Health/Fitness Goals

  • Become a runner
  • Walk/Run a half marathon
  • Walk/Run a full marathon
  • Cut my swim workout time in half (currently takes an hour and a half)
  • Better skin
  • Be a Clean eater


  • Streak (I have a standing reservation with a friend to do this)
  • Wear shirts that show my stomach
  • Look great in a bikini
  • Wear Herve Leger mini dresses
  • Be comfortable working out in shorts and sports bra
  • Sit a drink on my butt (don’t judge me)
  • Reenact Queen Bey videos on YouTube (I’m lying…..a little)
  • Be in shape enough that I can run off anything I eat! ANYTHING!!!!!!!

Okay some are goofy but I DON’T CARE! Don’t knock my hopes, dreams, and aspirations to be conceited (read: more conceited). Why yes, I AM a Leo, thank you! *roars*

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