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The Big Twenty

Thick_ The Big Twenty

I’ve mentioned before (I think) that I gift myself whenever I reach an important weight-loss mark. When I lost my first 10 pounds, I bought 3 new pairs of workout pants. Well LOOK AT GOD! I’m down 20 pounds! Let us all take a moment to run in circles, squeal and flip our (my) hair!!!!

But wait! What should I get to celebrate? *opens curtains, perches self on window ceil and gazes out* Hmmmmm………………



No, I’m not going vegan BUT after looking through tons of vegetarian meals, I noticed that if there was a top 2 list of ingredients found in vegetarian meals. Cheese and beans. And trust me, I love cheese and beans like I love……..most…………………but I don’t want to have to add one or both of them to every vegetarian meal I make! Also, I’ve seen some tasty looking vegan recipes lately (that don’t require beans).

In my August Update, I mentioned that I’ll be a “80-90% Vegetarian” (meat only 4 meals a week). I’m hoping these books will go a long way in helping me make that as tasty as possible. 🙂

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