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The Scale is NOT the Enemy

FINE_ The Scale Is NOT the Enemy

I’ve mentioned things I see on MyFitnessPal (that’s my profile link btw) a few times. Half of what I see makes me want to skip merrily to the nearest crowded area and bust into a  body roll. The other half makes me want to throw everything in my house, my neighbors’ homes, drive to Kroger and throw everything in the store! This post is about the latter of the two feelings. Yes. This is a rant. I’M TIRED OF IT! TIRED!

I swear I see something about the scale being the enemy or the bane of someone’s existence no less than 3 times a week. GOOD GOD! WHAT DID IT DO TO YOU????? You’d think scales were a gang of serial killers going around killing people’s mom’s, stealing their kids’ lunch money, and eating what they bought while sitting on their chest. I swear if you let some people tell it, scales have banded together on cross country sprees setting houses on fire and then laughing in the faces of the families as they try to pick up the pieces.

This is coming from the queen of dramatics and over reacting. Seriously, I’ve been doing this since birth! I have 27 years and (almost) 4 months worth of experience in cuttin’ the fool unnecessarily. BUT! Y’all gotta chill! Now as a person who has no chill, I can’t tell you how to do that. I suggest finding the most laid back person you know and doing whatever they do. I can’t help you with that part. However, this is what I can help with.

The scale is not the enemy in your weight loss goals. You hop yourself on the scale, it tells you your weight, and you pop off at it. That scale was just being helpful. All it ever did in life was answer a simple question and you’re over here ready to get your entire family ready for a fight! That scale is being all nice and informative and you’re being rude. Poor scale probably just wants to make friends!

My point is this. The scale is NOT the problem. YOU ARE! And I use the word problem loosely here. These are the main reasons I’ve noticed people not liking what they see when they weigh in:

  • Unregulated weigh-ins: Some people don’t have a scheduled weigh-in day and time. In addition to the day and time, the conditions need to always be the same.
  • Expecting too much: Some people think they’ve done 20 pounds worth of weight loss in one week. NAW! Be happy about your 1 pound!
  • Scale dependency: Some people only pay attention to the scale. Who cares that your clothes are falling off when the scale hasn’t moved? Oh…….
  • Scale hopping: Some people hop on the scale like it’s Christmas. You’d think they got a prize for the number of times they hopped up there in a day. HAVE A SEAT!
  • Changes: Some people makes changes and then don’t give their body time to get adjusted. Most people will tell you it takes 3 weeks for your body to adjust. I try to go a month just to be sure something does or does not work.
  • Negativity: Some people just plain hop on the scale thinking bad thoughts. You probably didn’t do what you should have anyway so of course it didn’t go well. Also, I’m a subscriber to the belief that stress and negativity add weight.

Here’s why me and my scale are homies in the game. We’re ride or die. We roll up to the scene with our ceilings missing (word to Sir 2 Chainz) and y’all will deal. We throw up sets in the closet when I have a great loss. We cool, folk!

  • Regulated weigh-in: I weigh in every Monday morning. I wake up, walk around to wake myself up, go to the bathroom, turn on the shower, strip down naked, and hop on the scale.
  • Chill: I forgot a step. Before I hop on the scale, I take a deep breath and release it. I relax my mind and my body. YOLO! Not a big loss or one at all? Oh well, let’s shoot for next week. I’m still fine. Do any of my accomplishments get yanked away? Nope!
  • Forget about it: After I take my shower (and before sometimes), I stand in the mirror naked. I actually get dressed in the mirror. Partially because I’m conceited and love mirrors. But more so because it’s apart of my “Morning Mirror” trick. I posted about this before but I’ll do it again soon. Basically doing so allows you to look at yourself and tell yourself what is awesome about you.

  • Notice trends: Okay, to be honest, I do get on the scale more than once a week, or day. Not everyday but I do. Proper scale hopping will allow you to notice trends. By Thursday, my weight is usually at it’s highest. By Sunday, it’s back down (usually slightly more than the last Monday’s weight). If I have eaten within my plan, my weight is usually only 2-3 pounds higher than it was that morning. If I’ve gone buck wild and eaten something extremely fatty, it will be around 5 pounds higher.
  • Changes: Like I said, I usually try to follow my changes for a full month before I decide it does or doesn’t work. This is another reason noticing trends is helpful.
  • CHILL: Seriously. CHILL! Taking that deep breath before you hop on the scale can save you a lot of trouble.

Make friends with your scale. Do it now. Run to it and hug it and tell it you’re sorry. That you were just in your feelings. That you want to start over and stop fighting. In fact, Beyonce has the perfect song for this. Play this song. Don’t worry, your scale forgives you 😛

Note: I should point out that I felt the same way when my weight was creeping up. I continued to monitor my weight. That’s why I know when I last weighed a certain amount at any given time. Even when I was 192 (WHY LAWD), I didn’t hate the scale. I also didn’t hate myself. Read that again! I. DID. NOT. HATE. MYSELF. Sure I was big dennamug but did that make it the end of the world? No. That scale helped me. It gave me the highest number I had ever seen on the scale. It basically said, “Girl look. We gotta do something about this!” And I did. See! My scale be knowing!

2 thoughts on “The Scale is NOT the Enemy

  1. @JMcMill1

    Great post. Sadly, I’ve been on both sides, but I totally agree with you. This part made me laugh out loud though:

    “Now as a person who has no chill, I can’t tell you how to do that. I suggest finding the most laid back person you know and doing whatever they do. I can’t help you with that part. However, this is what I can help with.”


    1. domgirl85 Post author

      Glad you enjoyed it! Lol! Girl, I’m the last person who should be telling people to chill but I do it anyway. I’m the pot calling the kettle and I have no shame about it 😛

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