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THF Combo Circuit Training #1b

FINE_ TFH Combo Circuit Training 1b

So remember TFH Workout #1 where I outlined both my strength and cardio routine? I made some changes a couple weeks ago and did not post about it. Don’t judge me! I was……………….I forgot. Lol! Not even gonna lie. I smooth forgot! And as of today, this workout will be obsolete. Oh well! It’s still a good workout.

The reason I changed it the first time was that two moves were not giving me what I needed. That was the first and last one, Overhead Ball Squats and Ball Crunches. Ball Crunches, I would do them wrong as I got further into the workout. That’s no good, I could hurt myself! Overhead Ball Squats. It just wasn’t working out well. Mainly because holding the ball was awkward. Too big or too small or it would fall if my hands got sweaty. Ugh!

Combo Circuit Training #1b
Perform each move for 1 minute.
Weighted Twist (abs, obliques, butt, legs)
One 5-pound weight
Give me a Y! Give me a T! (shoulders, abs, butt, legs, upper back)
Two 2 or 3-pound weights
Bridge Press Plus (chest, arms, abs, butt)
Two 2 or 3-pound weights
Weighted Lunges (butt, thighs, legs)
Two 5-pound weights
Side Bend Shoulder Press (abs, shoulders, obliques)
One 5-pound weight
Dead Bug with Ball* (abs)
Large stability ball
Knee Jacks (abs, shoulders, obliques, legs)
One 5-pound weight
Squat Push-Press (legs, butt, arms, shoulders, obliques)
Two 2 or 3-pound weights

I still perform each move for 1 minute with 15 second breaks between sets. I also still do 3 full circuits which is about 37 minutes every Tuesday and Thursday.
I’ve begun doing 15 reps on each side of the Dead Bug with Ball move (up from 10 on each side). Also, I’m still doing 1 minute on each side for the Side Bend Shoulder Press and Knee Jacks.
I count (sometimes) to see how many I can do in a minute. For the most part, it’s the same number as is suggested in the magazine so I’m not overdoing it.

Again, I’m not a registered trainer. I’m just a girl with a (now expired) Fitness Magazine subscription 😀

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