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Music Monday: Hit ‘Em Wit That Flex by Party Boyz

Wait is it a S or a Z? I don’t know nor do I care…………..

If you’re not a fan of all things ratchet and ignorant, you probably hate this song. With that said, Dominisha LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS this song with all her heart and soul…..hate the dance tho.

Note: Dominisha is a nickname I acquired during college one day when we were adding ‘sha at the end of everyone’s name. It stuck and people still call me that or Nisha… despite my name being Dominique, I will answer to Nisha sometimes lol! It’s also used to describe my ratchet side 😛

Anywho, I got up at 6:15am and went to the gym this morning! I feel great, I’m glad I did. I set all new alarms to help myself actually succeed in doing morning workouts.

6:15am – Wake up (Monday thru Friday)

8:00am – Get dressed……so I don’t dilly dally in the morning…..because I will. (Monday thru Friday)

10:30pm – Start getting ready for bed. I tend to do a lot (or sit on twitter) and next thing I know it’s late! (Sunday thru Thursday)

11:00pm – Bedtime (Sunday thru Thursday)

What does this song have to do with the price of tea in China? It was the first song to plan on Pandora this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy 😀

Hold on, what Pandora Station is playing such ignorance before 7am? Luke! As in Uncle Luke, Luke Skywalker, Sir Luther Campbell himself. The crown king of all things ignorant and booty poppin on a handstand (and other positions of your choice)!!!!!!! Save me the degradation blah blah blah, please and thanks. This stations is the absolute best for working out. Nothing but fast pace, high energy music nonstop.

Another Note: Okay, not always. Several times slower songs have crept onto my Luke station. A few weeks ago Adele came on…………I love Adele but while I’m working out? On a station dedicated to Uncle Luke????? No ma’am!

This morning also marked my second first day of the Couch to 5K program…this time using the app! I said this before, but I mean it, I will do a post with all the apps and links to the app store that I use. Before I was using my HIIT Timer….which meant I was going to have to  create and save a new routine every single time there was a change. Using their app, all I have to do is hit start. At the end of the workout, I hit complete and it saves it giving me a badge and a cute message. Today’s was something about starting being the hardest step and I got a lion badge. I’m a Leo…..I love lions 😛

Anywaysdoe, I’m bout to play this song one mo’ gin. Ye’en ready for me to flex!

Last Note: Dominisha wrote that! 😛 Also, like I said, I hate that dance so I do something else to it. Anyone who knows me knows I tend to do a different dance than what I’m told to a lot of songs that have dances. Smh at me!

Let’s hope I keep these morning workouts up!

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