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The Patron Saint

HEALTHY_ The Patron Saint

The Patron Saint. The First Lady. The Queen of All Things Thick. Fine. and Healthy.

Patron Saint of Thick. Fine. Healthy.

The Patron Saint. The First Lady. The Queen of All Things Thick. Fine. and Healthy.
Ki Toy “The Body” Johnson

Ki Toy “The Body” Johnson

Let us all take a moment to jump for Jesus. All of us. I KNOW YOU HEARD ME!

I’ve been planning to start writing posts about women I feel represent the idea of being “Thick. Fine. Healthy.” I kept thinking, “Who should I start with?” WHO ELSE BUT THE OUR LADY, THE PATRON SAINT!

Ki Toy Johnson has been my fitness role model since Outkast’s (Big Boi’s) “The Way You Move” video (2003). Let us bask in her glory……

Note: she was also in the “Bombs Over Baghbad” video. She’s one of the two girls in “white face”. Wait, is that considered white face? You know what I mean!

I call her my “Fitness Role Model” but honestly, she’s a good role model in general. She’s in-shape, healthy,a foster mother, runs her own business, and she’s gorgeous! WHAT IS THERE NOT TO LOVE ABOUT HER! TELL ME!

Note: I wouldn’t recommend trying to tell me…..we’ll fight……………………..

Our Patron Saint is 5’2”, weighs 135 pounds and her measurements are 36-22-36. POW! Also, BOW! As in bow in the presence of greatness!

The thing that got me was that she’s short AND thick AND toned! I’ve known plenty of women to be at least 2 of those things, but the one that was the biggest for me was short. I’m 5’1”. I’d always read that I should weigh somewhere in the 130s. I always thought that meant I’d have to let go and let God on all my curves. But look at God! This woman is small and still thick dennamug. She is thick den ALLLLLL the mugs! I can be at a healthier weight for my height and look like Jesus handcrafted my body? COACH PUT ME IN THE GAME!!!!!!

I think it’s of extreme importance to find someone whose body type matches your own when looking for inspiration. So many women name a woman they want to look like and are disappointed with the results. I’m sorry but if you aren’t “curvy” as a big girl, you won’t be as a fit girl. It just won’t happen. You can’t honestly believe you’ll lose 50 pounds and look like Queen Bey (Beyonce) when you’re top heavy with narrow hips. It just won’t happen.

Im my case, Ki Toy Johnson gave me a starting point. As I said, she weighs in at 5’2”, 125, and 36-22-36. I believe she’ a D cup. Dominique will NEVER have those exact measurements and I’m fine with that. My goal measurements (which are estimates not exact) are 135 and 34-22-40.
Why those numbers?

  • I’m an inch shorter than her. 135 sounds like it’s a good number. 135-140 is a good range. I’ve weighed as little as 144 and I know I still had quite a bit of stomach and back fat. I also wasn’t very toned.
  • Like I said, she’s a 36D. About 20 pounds before my smallest, I became a 34B. I learned 34B is my true size. I had to gain quite a bit of weight before I reached my current size (36C). I know my body. I probably won’t have that much cleavage until I have kids.
  • Actually, a 22” waist would be amazing. Do you know how conceited and half-naked I’d be? If you answer is no, my answer is EXTREMELY!
  • That booty! Those hips! Just as I will never be up to a 36D, I doubt I’ll ever have a 36”. In 2006 when I was around 150ish, I got down to a 39”. It was at this point that I learned some people really do have wider bones than others. I’m a stomach and side sleeper. Every night, it felt as if my hip bones were piercing my skin. I was in extreme, EXTREME pain. That year I went to Black Bike Week in Mrytle Beach. All the walking on the strip had my hips screaming! At some point, I started touching my hips where it hurt to see if it hurt to the touch. It didn’t. BUT! Here’s what did happen. Do you have a skinny friend who you could touch their elbow or knee and it felt like you were basically touching their bones with a sheet covering it? That’s how my hips felt. I had other people touching to be sure I wasn’t crazy. They’d skeptically touch my hip and jump back. OMG! WHY LAWD! I ended up allowing myself to gain weight before continuing to work out so that the pain would stop.
  • More on that booty! Years later, as I gained weight, my hips never did go back to being as wide as they were before 2006. Even at my largest, I could look at pre-2006 photos and tell my hips weren’t that wide anymore. But you said you were at 39” and currently you’re at 45”. As I gained weight in that region, it all went to my butt. My butt was NEVER this big. I was always in the Wide Hips, Nice Sized Booty committee. Somewhere between 2008 and now, I rescinded my membership in loo of joining the Big Booty Judy in training committee! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mom would always joke about how I didn’t get all of her thickness. Last year, one day while getting dressed in her room, she said, “Whoa. You butt has gotten huge. I thought you were just wishful thinking again!” And then she proceeded to call my bra a baby doll bra *flips table*

As a gift from me to you as we celebrate the glorious physique of our Patron Saint and First Lady, I’ll leave you with more photos. Thank me later and add her to your list of girl crushes 🙂

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