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WHO AM I?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!

TFH_ Who Am I?

I have been asking myself this ALL WEEK! Seriously! Ask anyone who knows me personally……or anyone following me on twitter!

I remember it like it was yesterday (pretend we’re entering a hazy flashback). I was craving things that were high in fat, salt, highly processed. If it went against clean eating, I was “wit’ it if you wit’ it” even if you weren’t. I wanted to wall slide and scream, “WHY LAWD!” every single time I realized that I really, really needed to make friends with a gym. I was out of breathe from moderate activity. I was so blissfully out of shape……..and out of control. And then a series of insane things happened this week. End hazy flashback…….

If you read my last post, you know I came down with a cold last Friday. I suck at doing simple things like resting. I’m such a busy body. Last weekend I continued business as usual which included errands making up a workout I missed (read: threw up the dueces to the gym although I did go grocery shopping) Friday night. By Monday, I felt it. WHY DIDN’T I SIT MY BUSY BEHIND DOWN SOMEWHERE AND REST OVER THE WEEKEND????????? But I still went to the gym that night. “I’ll sweat it out!” *shakes fist at germs* To which they laughed and hit me with a smooth, “Girl bye!”

Tuesday, I felt a little better. And by that I mean I could breathe but had a cough. Tuesday. Oh Tuesday. It was a crazy, late (got off at 10pm) day. AGAIN! WHY DIDN’T I SIT DOWN AND REST!!!!! By Friday, my body was ready to give up on life. Luckily it was a MUCH slower day, so I came home early to rest like I should have done the weekend before. As of Sunday night, I am feeling better. I’m not 100% but I am much better than I was. 🙂

As for the series of events that left me screaming, “WHO AM I?!?!!” “I DON’T EVEN KNOW THIS PERSON!” as well as more “WHY LAWD?!!?!??!”s that were unrelated to being sick:

  • I worked out TWICE despite being sick. Both were cardio days which meant Couch 2 5K sessions. I did both without a problem. WHAT?!?!??!? I ran like a G……..I mean I’m only on week 3 (Day 1 was Monday) but whoa! Even adding an extra minute of running didn’t kill me! My asthma kicks up when I’m sick. That was surreal for me to be able to run with ease! However, so as not to burn myself out (more), I did not do the 30 minute walk following either session. I’m not that crazy.
  • Being concerned about food choices while sick. Usually sick mean, “Eat whatever makes you feel better!” Assuming I want anything at all….
  • Wednesday was another late work day. On Tuesday, I had the Mediterranean food that was ordered for us. No big deal. Wednesday was pizza. Glorious pizza. I said, “Cheat meal!” and got several slices (and salad). I learned, I don’t like that pizza. I like their Spinach Alfredo pizza. The others are gross. After eating about half of 2 slices, I took the toppings off the crusts and ate the toppings. Why. Did. I. Eat. That? PAUSE FOR THE CAUSE! WHO AM I?!?!! DID I JUST QUESTION A FOOD CHOICE?!!?!!

I’ve mentioned before that I lost 25 pounds in 2006. NEVER did I have a day where I felt bad about something I chose to eat. NOT. NA’AN. ONE. TIME. I’ve never understood people who said things like, “When I eat something bad now, it makes me feel guilty.” I used to be like, “What?????” and proceed to give them all my side eye. But Wednesday? I was that person. I wished I didn’t eat that pizza. Any of it. Not just because it was bad pizza (it was bad) but it didn’t feel right to my body. *faints*

  • I miss the gym. I only made it to the gym on Monday. Like I said Tuesday and Wednesday were late nights. Thursday is a strength day and by Thursday, I was already 100% sure my body was going to go on strike and give out while I was driving my car. I honestly miss going to the gym. What?!?!?!?!?!
  • Losing my appetite. I guess I can’t blame myself (wait….) for this one. Being sick and taking meds does tend to cause me to lose my appetite. But it was so bad that I was forcing myself to eat stuff. AND THEN I WAS STILL CONCERNED ABOUT CALORIES! What is really going on?
  • Craving healthy food. Excuse me, I have to go be dramatic in every room of my apartment…….I’ve been watching Food Network since yesterday (after my world ended after my Celtics lost). All this gloriously fattening food and do you know what I had a craving for around 6pm now that my appetite is coming back????? Ribs with NO sauce and asparagus……………….

You may be thinking, “Ribs aren’t healthy.” To which I’d like to tell you that I clearly said NO BARBECUE SAUCE! Also, I only eat 3 to 4 bones. Not 3-4 huge bones. I’m talking baby back. Those come in at around 95 calories per bone meaning I want 285 to 380 worth of ribs and 27 calories (1 cup) of asparagus. Wait, I’m craving 315-410 calories**? That’s it? Oh. Let’s keep in mind I’ve only had 1 meal today along with a bag of my Super Trail Mix.

**That estimate comes from Famous Dave’s ribs although I’m having ribs from a local place named Lockhart’s BBQ. The upper end of those 4 rib bones would be around 520 calories based on Chicken Shack’s nutritional facts. Chicken Shack has really good, really greasy food. 

Lockhart’s also offers a choice with their cole slaw….creamy or vinaigrette. YES! A choice! And one is significantly less fattening! I’d happy dance if I wasn’t still feeling tired. I found a recipe that is not particularly healthy since I don’t know how they make their vinaigrette and it came in at 95 calories. In total, my craving only costed me 475 calories. Whoa………

WHO IS THIS PERSON!?!!?!?!? I DON’T KNOW HER!!!!!!!!!! But I like her! 🙂


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