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WHY LAWD! Shoulder Pain!


Sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning, my right shoulder started hurting. I don’t really remember exactly when. All I know is IT WAS AWFULLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! I do sleep on that side more. Mainly because I’m left handed and a write in bed every night.

Think about how a t-shirt’s sleeves go from your bra strap to a little down your arm. That was the range of pain and it was pretty intense. Cold air made it worse. Sitting up made it worse. Laying anywhere near it made it worse. I thought I pulled something while working out, but the last day I worked out was 2 days before the pain started. The last day I did anything strenuous was 3-4 days before. That made no sense. What was it?

This happens with my shoulders and hips from time to time. I’m mostly a side sleeper (sometimes I sleep on my stomach, rarely my bad). With my shoulders, I think it’s just all the weight on it. With my hips, it’s a combination of the weight and having a large hip to waist ratio. Granted my hips hurt when I’m smaller too (bones piercing skin) butttttt that’s another post 🙂

Anywho, I went ahead and worked out Monday (cardio) and Tuesday (strength). Both nights I tried not to lay on that side. This morning, it was a little tender but after about 2 hours, there was no more pain!

I’m sharing this to say, I forgot working out really does make you feel better in some cases. I almost broke down and took painkillers but I ended up not needing them!

Note: I’m not against painkillers. I drug myself all the way up when I have cramps. For that reason, I try to avoid taking painkillers as much as possible during the rest of the month. My pain threshold is pretty low. On a scale of 1 to 10, I usually take something somewhere around the time my dramatic kick in. Ensuing dramatic may include statements such as, “WHY LAWD!” or “MEDIC! CALL MY MAMA! I’M NOT GOING TO MAKE IT!” or “JUST CUT MY ARM OFF! IT’LL HURT LESS! I’LL EVEN BY THE CHAINSAW!”

5 thoughts on “WHY LAWD! Shoulder Pain!

  1. essaykaywrites

    Hi. Thanks for sharing. I have actually had this happen to me. Of course, you know your body best, and your processing of possibilities makes sense. An additional theory: we women of a more copious bosom tend to really secure ourselves into our sports bras. Could it be possible that the persistent pressure of the straps could be a contributing factor?

    1. domgirl85 Post author

      I thought about that too but simply not laying on that side helped a lot. Also, I don’t think mine are large enough to cause trouble. But I do wear a sports bra and a shirt that has a built in bra. Maybe I’m “over” compensating?

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