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YouTube Workouts: Cardio


After months of working out maybe once a week, I decided enough was enough. Last month, I challenged myself to get off the couch and do things (at least) 4 days a week. And MAMA I MADE IT!

But instead of jumping into anything extreme after months of being lazy, I only committed myself to doing cardio (although all the workouts include toning as well).In doing so, I gave myself time to adjust to going hard in the paint like I used to. I also decided that I’d use this time to find new workouts/videos to try. The YouTube workouts below got me right together!

Note: I’ve been doing Zumba once a week (mostly) since March.

Jane Fonda Step Aerobics

I actually found this video in January and did it for a while earlier this year. I’m a little uncoordinated but I’m finally getting the moves right. Don’t let the 1992ness fool you, it’s a lot of work. Jane Fonda wants us to be in shape and so do her collegues. THEY AIN’T PLAYIN’ AT ALL!

Latin Soca Dance

My bestest told me about Keaira LaShae (superherofitnesstv) months ago and then I forgot about it. I “rediscovered” her while looking for an additional Zumba workout. It’s short but hard! Those last two moves alone will almost take you out the game!

3-Mile Walk

This video is also by Keaira LaShae. It’s longer and less intense (as far as jumping around goes) but it’s still a great workout. If you’re not a fan of Leslie Sansone (and need a more intense workout), I’d suggest this one.

Note: If you do like Leslie Sansone, I’ve tried the 5-Mile Walk video with my aerobic stepper.

Have you tried any new (Cardio) workouts lately? If so, let me know in the comments. Also, if you enjoyed this post please subscribe and share!

Note: I’m going to start doing smaller posts so I don’t get as overwhelmed with sharing 🙂

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