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YouTube Workouts: Dancing Abs


Unless this is your first time here, you know I consider my stomach to be my “trouble zone”. You also know that the day I finally get flat abs will be the day the NAKED BODY ROLL TOUR comes to a city and/or computer AND/OR phone screen near you. You also ALSO know that I’m going to figure out a way to make everything about my new waistline.

In this post, I mentioned how I spent all of June getting back on track by adding Cardio four days a week. This month, I’m adding strength! Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Week 1: Add an Ab day.
  • Week 2: Add a Lower Body day.
  • Week 3: Add a second Ab day.
  • Week 4: Add an Upper Body day.
  • Week 5: Add a third Ab day.

My goal is to have a well rounded workout schedule by the end of July. So far I’ve already completed Weeks 1 and 2! 

Since I enjoy some of her other videos, I decided to give the following ab workout a try. 

Keaira Leshae’s Dancing Abs ( + Arms)

I like this video for several reasons:

  1. It’s short.

  2. She shows you all of the moves first.

  3. I like her personality/energy.

  4. It doesn’t involve a mat.

  5. It’s extra cardio.

  6. There are body rolls. BODY. ROLLS.

#4 is probably the most important reason (although practicing for the tour is a close second). Sometimes my tailbone hurts during certain ab exercises. This workout completely eliminates that problem for me which means I can work harder!

Dancing abs sounds all nice and cute but listen! I’M GON BE FINE!

Note: When I say flat abs, I mean lean and toned. Having definition is great and all but that’s not what I’m shooting for right now. This gorgeously fit woman is more my speed!


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